Some files are easy to download on your browser. You don’t have to think so much about them as they are small in size. The trouble arises when you want to download big files on your Mac. Sometimes the browser stops working, sometimes you see that the 98 percent of the file is downloaded and the connection when down and browser give up and then when you restart the download, it starts from the beginning again.

The same goes with MP4 too as MP4 files are big files. If you are downloading a MP4 file and if in between the download the internet connection slows down too much or breaks, you again have to restart downloading the file from the beginning. This is frustrating as well as waste of Bytes that your purchase from your internet service provider. So to download larger files, your browser won’t help you if the internet connection breaks or slows down. You need some downloader to download the file whatever the internet speed is.

Folx is such an app for Mac users which deals with the problematic internet connections as well as the traffic on internet. If you use Folx app to download MP4 on Mac, Folx download can split your file and download it from 20 locations at the same time. That means that you are getting to download the file at much better speed. But ot only speed, if the internet connection breaks off, and when you get the connection back it will start downloading from exactly where it stopped downloading.

So, Folx, app to download MP4 on Mac is the best choice. Not only that if the internet connection cuts out too many time, it will still download the file from exactly where it had stopped; therefore, no worries of starting downloading the file where it stopped.

Also the main thing with Folx is that it is free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny for it.