Winstrol is also recognized by the brand name Stanozolol that is found as injectable and oral forms. Bodybuilders and athletes use this standard anabolic androgenic steroid for accelerating and boosting strength, muscle mass gains and physique. This medication is a prescription-only drug so buying this drug from black-market resources and underground labs could lead you towards legal hassles and safety issues. This medication turns out to be ideal for athletes who wish to increase their speed, strength, power and endurance. It is also an outstanding cutting steroid for men and women to maintain lean muscle mass and become ripped while shedding fat. The injectable form of this medication is known as Winstrol Depot.

The oral form of this medication is possibly the common form. The oral form has more positive effects compared to Winstrol Depot which makes some athletes prefer oral form over injections. Winstrol Depot is used among veterinary circles as its side effects are severe. Even animals when administered the injectable form are closely observed for signs of kidney or liver disease along with cardiovascular issues. The oral form has powerful anabolic and tissue-building properties and very little androgenic characteristics influencing properties. As the oral form rate very little in its probability to promote progestational and estrogenic activity it remains a favorite among both male and female athletes.

Administration of the oral form

The oral form ranges between 2mg and 10mg tablets but the most common strength is the 5mg tablets. Male bodybuilders take between 15-25mg daily. When this steroid is recommended for medical uses, then 6mg per day is considered moderately safe. If you take 25mg daily you run a higher risk for side effects besides adverse reactions. Women under medical scenarios are recommended a dosage of 4mg per day. However, women using this medication for the purpose of bodybuilding and improving athletic performance take between 5mg and 10mg each day. Additionally, you are always advised to begin with the lowest dosages and frequency and notice how your body reacts to the medicine.

Purchasing this steroid

To purchase this steroid online, you will require a physician’s prescription. A doctor would not prescribe this medication for non-medical reasons, so for the purpose of bodybuilding, you can’t get this medicine this way. Prior to purchasing steroids from any of the sources, get aware of the legalities of steroids in your nation of origin. Every nation follows its own regulations regarding anabolic-androgenic steroids for image enhancing effects and athletic performance. In the United States, this medication is classed as a Schedule III substance because of its possibility to overuse, misuse and abuse.

Real reviews of this drug

When you look for accurate, reliable and informative reviews always keep this in mind that every person has got his own reaction to this drug. This applies to results, effectiveness and probable side effects. Factors such as age, diet, weight, and overall medical and genetic history also play an important role. According to the reviews given on bodybuilding websites and from the steroid sellers oral form of this steroid has got better effects compared to Winstrol Depot because of its capacity to stimulate muscle growth without the unwanted side effect of water retention.