Google street view was launched in 2007 and since then it has proved out to be really advantageous for all the users who have ever felt like navigating on a street or location through this app. Everyone would agree to the fact that my maps app is being used by every second person for finding out the destination and driving without getting lost.

Google street viewcomprising of both satellite view and panoramic view have been helping people to reach destinationssuccessfully. Not only findingout the destinations but finding out the shortest path to be taken is also done by the app. It shows the path where traffic is slow and hence provides one with a calculated time to reach the destination and hence it becomes convenient for the users to choose the right path and estimate a time to travel and stay punctual.

Google street view has been helping businesses in a veryeffective way. Shops, firms, restaurants, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, tourist attractions etc. have been putting up their picture of this app and providing the street view to the same so that people can locate them easily and do not fight for finding out the proper destination.

  • A street view of the place or a business property helps people building up trust with the firm. This is because often people do not know what to expect out of a office location. When one gets to see the location in advance before visiting the place in real, it creates a reputation of the firm. Hence, it helps in looking trustworthy and reliable among the clients.
  • Customers and clients can make informed decisions for the facts like spotting the right building, seeing the surroundings, looking at the local market, finding the best suitable parking spot etc.
  • One can also check for the size of the parking lot if needed.
  • In case a person or a friend is lost somewhere while finding the direction, one can ask the person to share the live location or dictate the near- by shop names and sign boards and one can easily find it out on the Google street view app and provide directions to the person with ease.
  • It provides one with the ease of being virtually present in an area whenever needed.
  • It is one of the best apps for tracking children and keeping in touch with them so as to ensure their security.
  • One can choose for schools and colleges by taking a survey of the localities and people there.

Google street view provides one with a quality experience and most convenient way to find out places that one has not ever visited. One can just enter the place and get to see what it has to serve to its visitors. Also, one can help the Google street view by clicking pictures of the places and uploading it on the app so that people can see the things from your point of view as well.