FTL freight transportation means that you are possession of two things, that is, you are in possession of product that is enough in filling the full truckload that has been measured by either a weight or a certain space, or you don’t possess any products meaning that the product is likely to risk if not fragile. Without considering the two situations, it is true that the contract of an FTL is only assigned to a single individual at a given time.

FTL freight transportation is mainly chosen by the customer when he/she has pallets that are approximately 10 or has approximately 15,000 pounds that he/she desires to transport at a given time. This is normally conducted when the associated packages are recorded to be having a risk that is high or when the time is considered to be a factor.

FTL freight transportation industry has been recorded that the year 2020 it will be around $108 billion worth as compared to the LTL industry that is expected to be around $40 billion worth by then. These two industries have been observed to be relatively stable for a long period of time and their growth is measured to be ranging below 2% by the year 2020.

  • FTL freight transportation is imagined to be costing more as compared to the truckload. However, FTL is accompanied by a number of benefits that are highlighted below.

  • FTL freight transportation is efficient when it comes to the transportation of the large product shipments.

  • FTL freight transportation is optimal when it comes to the shipments that are fragile or it comes to the shipments with high risk.

  • FTL freight transportation ensures that the products have been kept in the same truck over the period of transportation.

  • FTL freight transportation is considered to be substantially faster as compared to the LTL.

FTL freight transportation despite it having a number of benefits, it is associated with the following highlighted drawbacks:-

  • The FTL freight transportation industry favors the drivers involved over the businesses since the number of the shipments available is more as compared to the drivers.

  • The FTL freight transportation is considered to be less effective in comparison to the LTL freight transportation.

  • The products transported by FTL freight are vulnerable to only one point transit failure.

FTL freight transportation is considered to be ideal when it comes to a number of industries that varies from one another starting from the shipment of a large number of items to a given area, the movement of the large quantities of the industrial goods, foods types that are bulk and not forgetting mass materials.

FTL freight transportation is the best option for the businesses that are involved in the operations consisting of a wide range of supply chain.