If you search for GH supplements on the Internet, it is very important for you to understand how the different types of products work on your body, so that you can avoid being deceived or accidentally buying illegal supplements.

There are many ways of buying GH products, and just in case you want to get something, you have to know how to compare products and which ones to choose.

They are only available with a medical prescription, and can be very expensive. While studies generally show that they are very effective in reversing the physical deterioration of the body associated with the aging process (and low GH levels), the cost puts this treatment option outside the possibilities of an ordinary person.

These injections can be painful and the regular visits to specialized doctors are very inconvenient. In many cases you will need to find a qualified doctor willing to make the injections based on how much you pay them, and that means visiting the GH clinic or medical checkups daily or weekly, becoming a routine for each user of the supplements.

In the case of synthetic GH injections, there is the risk of overdose, (the risk) of headaches, water retention, insulin resistance or gynecomastia. There is also the risk that long-term use will cause a hormonal imbalance in the body.

It is important to state again that the only safe and legal way to buy synthetic GH injections is with a valid medical prescription. So, beware of sites claiming to sell synthetic GH or other “real” GH supplements!

  • HGH Stimulators:

GenF20 Plus is known as the “stimulator” of GH.

It is a non-prescription supplement, scientifically designed to help your body produce more of its own GH – rather than injecting some external substances.

It provides an ordinary person with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of anti-aging with GH, without major costs, health risks or inconveniences of synthetic injection!

The challenge for consumers is to find a GH “stimulator” proven to be safe and effective – certified by cGMP and having the best quality ingredients, with a track record of delivering real customer results.

GenF20 Plus gives you a solid eight-year experience in quality process and testimonials from satisfied customers!