Creativity is a valuable trait in an effective leader. In fact, some would say that it is one of the most important traits a leader could hope to have. After all, creativity is what inspires your passion. It fuels your ideas. It gives you the energy to network, delegate, and engage your clients. Without creativity, it will be difficult to define and utilize your full leadership potential.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a particularly creative person, you are still going to want to make it a point to bring as much creativity to your leadership as possible. Believe it or not, but nurturing certain traits that will influence your creativity is not nearly as difficult as you might think.

How To Improve Your Leadership

Information overload is a real problem facing businesses and business leaders these days. Too much information can drain our creativity, and it can lead to a considerable, arguably unshakable degree of burnout.

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How do you avoid that? You can accomplish a lot by keeping these 8 creativity traits that will improve your leadership on a dramatic level:

  1. Quiet: Creativity uses a quiet tone, and it demands concentration. Schedule some time each day to simply focus on your thoughts. Reflect on where you’ve been, and think about where you would like to go next.
  2. Engage: Utilize your focus and your commitment. Listen fully to the voices that matter the most to you. Do not be the kind of leader who is just waiting for an opportunity to talk. You aren’t going to learn much that way.
  3. Relax: Remember that creativity is something that requires a certain measure of patience. It is not something that you can force. In fact, the harder you try, the harder it will be to tap into your resources. To that end, learn to relax.
  4. Release: Learn how to let go of things that are beyond your control. Remember that you can’t fix or control absolutely everything. Sooner or later, you have to learn how to get rid of the things that you just can’t change.
  5. Repeat: Experimentation is vital to the success of an entrepreneur. It is also a vital part of your creativity. More to the point, repetition is the best way to unlock the full potential of experimentation.
  6. Dream: Remember that creativity is fueled by free-thinking. Let your mind wander sometimes. Indulge a thought that may strike you as ridiculous at first. With a little consideration, you can transform that uncertainty into your next heavyweight idea.
  7. Play: Don’t be afraid to indulge your sense of fun and adventure either. Try to make time to focus on the aspects of your business that really mean something to you. What part of your job isn’t really work?
  8. Teach: Show people what you have learned. Not only does this emphasize your leadership role, but it empowers those around you to help you bring your vision to life.


What are some other ways to perhaps renew one’s sense of creativity?

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