With the Internet, working meetings have changed. The ease of communication from one place to another and even from one continent to another has been multiplied. Beyond the sound, now it is possible to exchange videos or presentations.

  1. Skype:

Also available in free versions, Skype Enterprise allows creating videoconferencing for 250 people at the same time (against 25 in free version). With a base cost of € 1.70/month/client, a full form incorporates with the Office 365 programming and expenses between € 4.20 and € 10.50/month/client. The latter rate includes, among other things, 24/7 telephone support.

Programming Developer, Windows is focused on guaranteeing the security of your data. The system of conservation of these on the Cloud and the Pack Office makes it a must.

  1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

As one of Skype alternatives, ezTalks Cloud Meeting is also a superb iPad video conference app that delivers easy, professional, and feature-rich online conferencing services to let your team collaborate easily at any locations in real time. Amid a meeting time, you can share intelligent whiteboard to light up your thoughts. It likewise underpins document sharing, screen sharing, meeting booking, private and gathering talk, recording and playback and in addition more features. It additionally bolsters record sharing, screen sharing, meeting planning, private and gathering visit, recording and playback and in addition more elements. These make it an advantageous iPad application for video conferencing.

Its free trial enables you to make video gathering with up to 100 members for close to 40 minutes. It additionally gives five sorts of paid plans to permit up to 500 members to join a meeting in the meantime. Regardless of whether you are little to medium ventures or vast undertakings, the best video conferencing application for iPad can address your issues.

  1. Cisco WebEx:

If it exists in free version, the WebEx application developed by the group Cisco is mainly destined to the companies unlike its competitor Skype. Less effective on paper since it only allows managing 100 people in videoconference, the software is yet simple and efficient. It allows exchanging documents during meetings, to record them or to plan meetings.

Available on all mobile media, count between 19 € and 69 € / month / meeting organizer according to the level of service desired for a guarantee always guaranteed.

  1. Adobe Connect:

With a clean, high-quality application, Adobe Connect effectively integrates three software solutions to meet your business needs. Adobe Connect Meeting allows you to create real time collaboration with up to 100 people, Adobe Connect Learning allows you to organize e-learning for 200 employees simultaneously, and Adobe Web seminar makes it possible to organize web seminars for 1500 people.

Keeping in mind the end goal to trade your data on a safe cloud framework, Adobe Connect rates are just accessible on citation.

  1. GoToMeeting:

A videoconferencing solution from the Citrix group, GoToMeeting is like an MSN window, making the meeting very simple to organize. Offering simple features, the advantage of this application is to offer packages adapted to all types of companies for very attractive prices ranging from 24 to 49 € / month for a number of contacts ranging from 5 to 1000 according to the Chosen formula.

The application also exists in mobile format whether on IOS, Android or Windows. However, for these attractive rates, the offer remains fairly basic.

  1. AnyMeeting:

From an interface with a dated, but simple to handle, AnyMeeting is surely the least expensive solution for an SME. Available in a free and full version for up to 4 people, its rates remain affordable for a paid version with a subscription of $ 18 / month for 30 people and $ 78 / month for 100 contacts of your company.

The software has features to create web seminar with up to 1000 people, these are invoiced in extras. The major disadvantage of the application is that it is only available in English.