Pick a genre

Party bands come in all shapes and sizes. The first step in hiring a party band is picking a band that will play the type of music you would like. Many party bands specialize in a type of music or theme. There are rock bands, decade-themed bands, cover bands, kids bands and a variety of other specialties. It is good to be clear on what type of music you would like at your party before looking for a good party band.

  1. Research

Party bands are more accessible than people think. Researching a party band could be done on the internet. Many party bands have websites, and videos to advertise their services. Even with the internet, the best way to research a band is through word of mouth. Ask a friend that was recently married or threw a party. They may know some great party bands and can help you get in contact with the party band.

  1. Check their references

Once you have a party band that you think is a good fit check their references. Ask people that may have used the party band before. These people can give an honest opinion. If you don’t know anyone, ask the party band if they have any references they can provide.

Some good questions to ask the references would be if the band showed up on time? Did they play throughout the whole set? Were they accommodating to the crowd? How were they?

  1. Audition

Party bands are not made equally. It is important to audition the party band. The best way is to ask the band if you can check out their next performance. This is good because you can see the party band in action. If the band does not have a performance for you to watch you can ask them to play something for you. You want to make sure that the party band sound matches the sound you would like for your party.

  1. Hire the Party Band

If the bands sound matches what you are looking for it is time for the contract. It is good to make sure that both you and the party band are on the same page about expectation and payments. When hiring the band it is good to know what time they will come to set up, will they require additional equipment and when are they expecting payment. These are just a few of the things that should be gone over before the day of the event.

  1. Party

You went through all this work now you deserve to party. Let the party band do its job and keep you dancing all night. If they do a great job be sure to let everyone know how great the party band did so they can get more gigs.