Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most trusted tools in digital marketing. A successful SEO means half the job done when it comes to digital marketing. It is exceptionally useful since it provides the businesses with high returns on (low) investments.

However, without knowing how SEO works, you’ll fail and fall flat remarkably. And it is not a one-off, a lot many websites fail at it making it a very complex puzzle to solve. Whether it is higher expectations or poor strategising or simply not being able to understand the needs of the internet user, the fact of the matter is that the failure rate in SEO campaigns is a lot higher than the success rate.

So let us look at the most common reasons why an SEO campaign fails.

  1. Wrong choice of ‘keywords’ – Choosing keywords based on what you ‘feel’ the users are going to search for is often going to make you hit the skids. Take up a proper scientific research approach, analyse keyword data and see what keywords are being used by your competitors, and that’ll make you optimise for the right keywords.
  2. Outdated tactics – SEO is evolving and search engine algorithms keep altering and modifying every now and then. A stubborn approach that lacks adaptability and flexibility to keep up with the changing times is often going to disappoint. Something that used to work in SEO a couple of years back is now considered ‘black hat’ and can get you banned.
  3. Poor Content – You cannot keep content away from the digital marketing context. Search engines strive to send out quality information to the users, and lack of top-notch content can be seen as a factor for a failed SEO campaign. Quality is dependent on various factors – pertinence and originality being the two key points. Duplicate content or irrelevant context often kicks you off from the ranking lists.
  4. Poor website – A slow & sluggish website, one which is overloaded with Flash or Java, is never going to feature on the top of the search results. The recent updates in search engine algorithms (especially Google) have almost made it mandatory for brands to improve the quality of websites and make them compatible on smart phone browsers. The idea is to build a website that is engaging and user-friendly.
  5. Short term approach – It is often said that SEO is a marathon and not a 100m sprint. It is not a one-time affair; you have to keep building on it. SEO is never going to provide a quick fix solution. In fact, the best and the most effective SEO results can be achieved when the efforts are maintained overtime. The SEO campaign strategy should start with having a budget too that is well spread out over a long term period.

SEO is inseparable from digital marketing. It has tons of advantages but like everything in life, it is not easy either. Test your SEO campaign before it goes live, as it is going to be the driving force behind acquiring more customers, making more sales, retaining current rankings and traffic, and ultimately, generating more revenue. If you are not an expert then get help from professional Seo Company in Mumbai who will get your work done professionally and effectively.