In this modern age of digital information, clever tips and tricks on how to overcome challenges are readily available for people to use anytime, anywhere with the help of the Internet. In fact, there seems to be no shortage of shortcuts online that can help you in almost anything you wish to undertake. Job hunting is no exception.

If you’ve been checking out the latest job openings for a while without any luck, you probably could use some of these shortcuts. Lucky for you, this article lists down four of the most effective job search hacks you can try to cut the time and effort you spend in your job hunting quest.

1.   Maximize Social Media

The Internet has broken geographical barriers of communication since social media was invented. That said, you can make use of this innovation by creating professional social media profiles that are specifically tailored to let recruiters and headhunters know you’re open for opportunities.

A good way to start is by creating an optimized LinkedIn profile stating that you are currently searching for a job. Recruiters aren’t very keen with generalized statements, so be specific in how you write your LinkedIn profile headline. For example, go for quirky headlines like “Accounting Professional in Search of a New Challenge” instead of “Seeking Next Job.”

Twitter and Facebook have also become great avenues for job search networking. Since recruiters consistently post jobs via these channels, you only need to optimize your search list in order to get viable leads and connect with hiring managers and recruiters. You can also “follow” the corporate pages of companies you are interested in to get timely updates and posts for job vacancies.

2.   Use Keywords Properly

Optimizing your job search means you need to learn about the proper use of keywords. By definition, keywords are single words or phrases that identify a specific topic. While it is mostly used in search engine optimization (SEO), keywords can also help you with your job-hunting journey.

The proper use of keywords can get your application directly to hiring managers even if they use automated tracking software. To do this, you have to include the right words or phrases in your resume and cover letter.

To choose the right keywords, you simply need to look at the job descriptions posted by recruiters online. If you’re a web developer, you can use keywords like “optimize the website” in order to get into the list of candidates for companies seeking people to do just that.

3.   Befriend the Receptionist

Although they aren’t directly involved in the recruitment and hiring process, receptionists offer applicants like you with a way to get insider information before they are made public. For this very reason, receptionists make a great friend and ally during your job-hunting journey.

While they may not be able to give you details, you can get a hint from simple updates. For example, if they tell you there’s a sudden meeting of the upper echelons of management in the company, it may be a sign that something big is going to happen. Discreet comings and goings of outsiders in the building can also be an indicator that there is a job opening in the firm.

4.   Monitor Movement in Company Websites and Social Media Groups

Although monitoring is the last thing you would want to do when job hunting, it is necessary since this is where you get to find a job opening to kickstart your search. The action begins once you are able to float your application.

Things will get a lot easier if you have companies in mind that you would want to work with. You can simply track movement in their websites to check for new job openings. Most websites have a Careers page, so you can start from there.

You can also join targeted groups in social media that cater to recruiters and job seekers alike. Just make sure to look for ones that are specific to your chosen career path. Even better, apply hack No. 3—but instead of befriending the receptionist, you should befriend the group admin. This way you can get insider information about the best jobs posted in the group before they even get approved.

Before You Apply

“Some wars are best fought with a pen than a sword.”

In this age-old adage, the pen represents words while the sword is equal to actions. In job hunting, you need to use both words and action to look for career opportunities and prove that you are truly worth the time and effort recruiters and hiring managers will spend during the headhunting process.


David Mackenzie, a recruitment professional with over 20 years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones. As the Group MD, David is responsible for the overall direction of the Mackenzie Jones Group, including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital and ThinkTech.