There are two different categories of pets, the ones that are kept indoors, and the ones that are kept outdoors. While it is true that some of the following pets can be kept in both conditions, these exotic pets are definitely going to have a better time if they are kept outdoors.

There are all kinds of exotic pets you can adopt


Many of us probably never even got the idea of keeping a chicken as a pet, however, they are actually one of the best exotic animals out there. Watching chickens to all of their clucking around is quite entertaining, and believe it or not, they really like to cuddle with their owners.

The maintenance of chickens is actually pretty low as you only have to change their poop once a week. The experience of raising a chicken feels quite rewarding, and it will definitely bring joy into your life. Of course, while having chickens as pets is fun and all, sometimes they will require vet care, and for that, we suggest that you visit or your local vet clinic.


Having small turtle pets indoors is really interesting, they are fun to watch, but there is even a better choice if you have a big yard, and that is to get a tortoise. They are a very odd yet very popular choice as they usually require no care what so ever. You can just leave them in your yard along with some food supplies and a shelter where they can go to protect themselves from weather events.

If you are not sure if your yard is secure enough, you can simply put them into a pen and provide all of their needs there. Because of their long lifespan, they are the pets that can be introduced to future generations, but this also means that they will require some true commitment.


There are various types of birds that will serve as loyal pets of the family. While it is highly suggested that you build a cage for them, you can let them crash in the attic instead. Birds can often find food by themselves as they can easily fly around the neighborhood, however, you might not want to have birds if there are a lot of natural predators around, like cats or dogs.

While cats are great pets, they are quite dangerous for the birds


One of the best exotic animals you can get are certainly raccoons. They are big, fluffy, and they love to cuddle. If you manage to get yourself a raccoon while they are small, you can easily teach him all kinds of things, and once they grow up, they will be more domesticated than the majority of most popular pets out there.

However, because they are quite rare animals, you should probably look around for something like a professional vet clinic in North Wahroonga, or a similar vet station in your area which has someone who understands raccoons.

Final Word

Having an exotic animal as a pet is sometimes frowned upon, however, if you take care of them and let them live a happy long life, there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure to do all the important research for the exotic pet that you are planning to adopt, and be ready for commitment, as a lot of them will require plenty of it.