Congratulations are in order. Whether this is the first time you’ve owned a new car, or you are used to purchasing one every few years, a new car is an exciting adventure. If you want to keep it in tip-top shape, it is important to follow these guidelines on car site

Wash Your Car Regularly

Clean both the inside and outside of your car on a regular basis. Doing so not only keeps it looking more beautiful and newer for longer, but also prevents a buildup of dust and debris that can get stuck in your air vents and cause problems. On the exterior, regular cleaning ensures salt and other debris won’t damage your paint job.

Keep Your Vehicle Covered

Prevent damage to your vehicle between uses by searching for car and truck covers and choosing the one that best meets your needs. Covering your car when you aren’t driving it protects it from animals, tree nuts and other small items that could damage the paint job or simply leave your car looking dirty. Consider purchasing a front-end bra as well. It will protect the bumper, headlights and other parts of your vehicle from damage while you’re driving.

Perform Proper Maintenance

Your new vehicle will come with a maintenance guide that tells you when to complete each task. Read it so that you will know when to change the oil, replace antifreeze, check tire pressure, change brake pads and handle other maintenance tasks that will keep your car in good working order for years to come.

Taking care of your car is important for several reasons. If you intend to use it for as long as possible, good maintenance ensures your safety on the road. If you hope to sell it and purchase something newer in a few years, proper maintenance, auto bras and regular washings help to keep the resale value high. To learn more about caring for your car, check out the California Car Cover Co. website.